Volunteer For Wisconsin

For Volunteers

We’re Americans from every corner of our country, fighting to take back our nation from Trump and his GOP.

If you live in a state where the outcome of elections is unlikely to be changed by your work, join us to make your work count.

No state will be more crucial for the future of our nation. No election has mattered more than the coming elections. Wisconsin’s ten electoral are a true tossup: beating Trump here may send him home for good.

In addition, critical elections for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, State Senate and State Assembly will determine whether Wisconsin continues to be a deeply gerrymandered Trumpist state or returns to its proud traditional place as the laboratory of democracy.

For Campaigns And Causes

We’re building a pool of talented, skilled volunteers that are eager to defeat Trump, swing the Senate, and win state house and judicial races to stop gerrymandering, preserve voting rights, and extend ballot access.

We knock on doors and make phone calls and send postcards, but we’ve also got skilled researchers, designers, analysts, software artisans, actors, musicians and writers. If you need party mongers to shepherd your house parties, we can help. If you need a good editor, we can find one. We’re here to find you the talents you need, from passionate supporters throughout the country.

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